Measuring Solution
Ring Comparator for ID

Use for inside diameter check. (Bearing ring / other ring / bush and all round job)

Ring comparator for OD

Use for outside diameter check. (All types of bearing / bush / ring / big roller / pin and all round job)

Comparator Stand

Use for width / Height checking. (for roller / pin / bush and all small parts)

Ball and Roller Comparator

Use for outside diameter check. (Special for roller / round ball / small pin up to 50mm)

Comparator Stand (Carbide Table)

Use for width / Height check (For roller / pin and small parts)

Depth Checking

Use for undercut step depth / Groove depth (For Flange / bearing

Special Application Comparator (Six Point Measurement)

Use for ovality and profile job (Pressure cocker / round job or similar job)

Cam Shaft Checking Fixture

Use for cam shaft timing check. / degree between two cams / and cam lift. (Special for cam shaft)

Special Comparator for OD and ID Check

Use for OD and ID check. (For bearing ring / bush / or any circular job)

All Types of Drill Jig

Use for perfect drilling in mass production job

Special Collate (use in CNC m/c / Convention m/c and Milling m/c)
Different Types for Drilling Fixture / Milling Fixture / VMC Holding Fixture
Depth Checking Comparator

depth / Groove depth (For Flange / bearing step / face groove depth)


We offers various types of Gauges use as per application. Plug Gauge, Ring Gauge, Pin Gauge, Pitch Block, Reff. Block