Industrial Casting

     With our expertise and in-house facilities, we offer our clients a wide range of industrial castings. Our wide range of industrial castings includes lost wax casting, sand iron casting and steel sand castings. Following latest casting processes at our unit, we make us of high-grade metal alloys to ensure high degree of quality.

Lost Wax Casting

     We manufacture a wide range of precision engineered lost wax castings that are available in Carbon Steel & Alloyed Steel in the weight ranging from 50 Grams to 65 Kg's single piece weight. We also have the ability to undertake CNC machining for our range of lost wax castings

Material Range in Production :

     A wide range of Carbon Steels, Low and High Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Duramet, Agronite, Hast Alloy, Monel, Aluminum & Alloys, Copper & Alloys, Nickel, Cobalt & Chromium based Super Alloy

Markets we serve :
  • Valves Fitting & Strainers
  • Pump Spares
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Automobile Parts
  • General Engineering

Capabilities :
  • Weight Parameters From few grams to 70 Kg's.
  • Size Parameters 400mm x 400mm x 400mm
  • Installed capacity 70 Tones / annum
  • Testing Facilities and Practices Mechanical, Chemical, NDT, Hardness, Hydro test, General Inspection, Micro Structure Test.

Steel Sand Casting

     We make use of high quality steel to develop corrosion resistant sand castings. Our sand castings are flexible form of casting that allows for the usage of recyclable and permanent patterns. These are available in different dimensions and technical specifications as per the clients requirements. Sand Castings are used to fabricate large parts and components used by automobile and engineering industry.

Material Range in Production :

carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, and super alloy steels and nickel-based steels.

     We specialize in high quality pressure castings for pumps and pump products, specifically impeller castings, our expertise with steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, extends to the following industries:

  • pumps/Pumping Equipment
  • Valves and Fittings
  • Material Handling
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Process
  • Mining Machinery/Equipment Compressors
  • Construction Machinery
  • Machine Tools

  • Weight Parameters Max 1250 Kg's per pc.
  • Size Parameters 1500 M T / annum
  • Installed capacity Mechanical, Chemical, NDT, Hardness, Hydro test, General Inspection, Micro
  • Testing Facilities and Practices Structure Test