Bearing Components Profile:

     Leading bearing manufacturing company in the USA has decided to source the components from their world class product from India. For this goal they have forwarded inquires to all over the India and decided to select 4 suppliers from India. We were selected in that 4 suppliers and got a big challenge from the customer.


     2 vendors had failed to deliver the desired quality in spite of their effort for over a period of 12 months; the buyer was under tremendous pressure by their client to deliver the final product. And hence we were given a very short time frame to complete the project and we had delivered it within that given assigned time.


      Adroit has accepted that challenge and depute his dedicated team for this operation. First of all Adroit Has called the meeting of the Technical as well as execution team and made a Execution chart according to the feed back given by the manufacturing units.


     Adroit had worked efficiently on the 2D Paper drawings Submitted to the customer for approval and after approval started operations on that.

Pattern and die Development

     As per the requirement, Pattern was made manually, to save the time of the product delivery.

Casting Development SAND CASTING

     models of Bearing housing was done by Sand casting in WCB Material Weight is 165 kg a single piece.

Machining component development

     We have defined a machines to machine the component also defined the machining sequences and some special machining cycles for such components to achieve the tolerances given in the drawing like parreality, perpendicularity concentricity, coaxiality etc. We have developed a special Machining fixtures, Drill jigs special tooling like broaches Etc to finish that component.

Inspection and testing

     We have developed special inspection fixtures to measure the concentricity of the component with respect to 2 bearing bores. Except that we had measured the concentricity and other parameters on the machine itself where ever required or any special request of customer.      We have made a plain plug gauges with key to measure the keyway with respect to impeller bore and to ensure the parreality of keyway as well as the depth of the keyway. We had developed a special Hydro testing fixture to do the Hydro test of the each and every pump casing which will be going to customer. In that we had done a testing up to 65 bar pressure wistend up to 30 minutes.

Dye penetration of the casting

     Our quality control engineers are qualified as per NDT Level II. They are well aware of other nondestructive testing like magnetic particle as well as radiograph and ultrasonic.      We can perform/manage the testing as per the customer's requirement. In our new unit we are planning to establish a separate liquid penetration area as well as the special radiography room in house.