Customer Industries: Aerospace Industry Components. Profile:

Leading Aerospace manufacturing company in India.


     The buyer had approached all leading manufacturers in INDIA to develop this critical component, but to no avail. Adroit accepted the challenge as an opportunity.

Specifications : Magnesium Alloy Casting of 65Kg, Dimension 1000x1000x500 mm.


     : Adroit devised a systematic plan by preparing an execution chart as per the feedback from the manufacturing units. This job was assigned to its technical team.

Pattern and die Development Pattern was developed manually to save time and get the project underway
Casting Development

Sample piece Model of 65 kg. was prepared from sand casting in Magnesium Material .


models was done through sand casting in Magnesium Material Weight is 65 kg a single piece.

Machining component development Machining was done in CNC 3 Axis Machine's.
Inspection and testing

     Special inspection fixtures were prepared to measure the concentricity of the component with respect to 2 bearing bores. The part was developed so well that apart from the concentricity the buyer did not have to double check any other parameter . We have made a plain plug gauge with key to measure the key way with respect to impeller bore and to ensure the parallelity of keyway as well as the depth of the keyway. A special Hydro testing fixture was devised for the Hydro test for each and every pump casing which will be going to the customer. The hydro testing was done up to 65 bar pressure for a duration of 30 minutes.

Radiography      :

The critical area of the components were checked as per the customer requirements.

Conclusion :

The project was a success and regular batches were ordered by the client .